Stories in English
Md. Yeasin Gazi, Khulna

Choice Shoes

My father was a farmer before I was born. However, I never could find the connection with agriculture. That led me to explore something different. …

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Md Samim Khan, Khulna

Bismillah Store

I completed my master’s degree back in 2015. I was hoping to get a decent job and make my living through that. However, I did …

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Sujon Saha, Khulna

Shama Fish Feed

I am a hopeful person with a life filled with blessings. I come from a family of aquaculture entrepreneurs. So, it was no wonder that …

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Shahin Sarkar, Khulna

Shahin Fish Feed

Everything that I have now, is because of the help I got from many people around me. WorldFish, LightCastle Partners, and many other organizations have …

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Iqbal Shiraji, Chattogram

Nikhad Prokriti

I believe that it is difficult to lead a happy and healthy life without being in contact with the blessings of nature. And my journey …

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