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Back in 2019, my adventure as an entrepreneur began with a simple dream called “Jhiyari” in the charming town of Sylhet. Armed with determination and a vision, I embarked on a path that not only changed my life but also held the promise of touching the lives of others.

My initial steps into the business world involved importing three-piece clothes. Yet, those early days were a struggle. My attempts at sourcing felt like stumbling in the dark, and the competition from bigger cities like Dhaka was fierce. Finding trustworthy suppliers became an uphill battle that tested my resolve.

But I didn’t give up. As the months passed, I immersed myself in understanding the market. I summoned the courage to experiment with new products. This turned out to be a pivotal moment. Slowly and surely, my range expanded. I introduced Monipuri sarees, traditional gamchas, and sheetal patis to my offerings. It wasn’t always easy, but I pressed on. Similarly, I embraced a new opportunity in the world of tea. It was a humble beginning, one that marked the start of my journey toward diversification and growth.

Then came the unexpected arrival of Covid-19. In the midst of the chaos, a silver lining emerged. While it disrupted life as we knew it, it also led to a surge in online shopping. But for me, these times brought their own set of challenges. Taking pictures of my products was a struggle, especially because I didn’t have a smartphone. I had to knock on neighbors’ doors, borrowing their phones to capture images.

Building trust with customers was another hurdle. Those early days saw modest sales, and sometimes it felt like the odds were stacked against me. Delivery logistics added to the puzzle, creating a maze I had to navigate. But I persevered, running my business from my home and relying on a simple Facebook page to connect with customers. The journey wasn’t always smooth, but it was filled with heart.

In the midst of this adventure, a shining beacon emerged – the #SheMeansBusiness program. This incredible initiative enhanced my understanding of the world of Facebook business and equipped me with essential digital tools. It was a lifeline, assisting me in overcoming obstacles, connecting with customers, and extending my reach even further.

As I look ahead, my dream for Jhiyari remains unchanged. I hope to keep growing my circle of customers, sharing the goodness of my products, and facing each challenge with the belief that dreams are worth chasing. Like the landscapes of Sylhet that hold their own unique beauty, my journey with Jhiyari is a canvas painted with resilience, dreams, and the unshakable conviction that every step forward is a step toward making those dreams come true.

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  • Khadija Akter

    So proud of you dear🥰🥰🥰🥰 Hope you are touch your all dream.best of luck and Allah bless you.😍

  • Rosy Islam

    I wishing you continued success

  • Rojina akter

    Many many Thanks lightcastle partners

  • Emran Hossain

    Best wishes

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