Sujon Saha, Khulna

Shama Fish Feed

I am a hopeful person with a life filled with blessings. I come from a family of aquaculture entrepreneurs. So, it was no wonder that I would also explore this sector once I grew up. My…

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Shahin Sarkar, Khulna

Shahin Fish Feed

Everything that I have now, is because of the help I got from many people around me. WorldFish, LightCastle Partners, and many other organizations have helped me to understand more about the…

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আফরোজা সুলতানা, ঢাকা

Fowzia Healthy Food Products

My emergence as an entrepreneur was in 2014 when my husband had to leave his private job due to sickness. Although the opportunity was always there for me to start a small business, there…

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M A Majid, Khulna

Unique Food Products

Back in 1998, I arrived in Dhaka with a dream to have my own business. I opened up a motor shop, but there was too much corruption. The products used to come from Japan. However, the sellers…

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Iqbal Shiraji, Chattogram

Nikhad Prokriti

I believe that it is difficult to lead a happy and healthy life without being in contact with the blessings of nature. And my journey to becoming an entrepreneur was inspired by this belief…

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