Bend the Trend (Nafiza Tabassum)
Nafvin – Bend the Trend

From my earliest years in the coastal city of Chittagong, I nurtured dreams that extended beyond the boundaries of traditional employment. In 2021, as the world grappled with the unrelenting challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, I seized the opportunity to bring these aspirations to life.

With only 10,000 taka in savings, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that would come to define me. My initial business model centered on pre-orders, a unique approach that ignited my passion. A dear friend stood by my side, not only as a major partner but also as a vital supplier for my budding enterprise.

Word of mouth emerged as my most potent ally, ushering in a steady stream of orders. I didn’t rest there. I actively engaged in university festivals and events, where my creations captured hearts.  However, my motivation stretched far beyond the pursuit of financial gain; it was the dream of self-employment that fueled my drive.

Expanding my customer base proved to be a formidable challenge, but I refused to yield. I set my sights on larger fairs and festivals, with the aim of elevating Nafvin to greater heights.

Amidst my journey, the #SheMeansBusiness program arrived like a beacon of hope. It introduced me to the world of Facebook Business and provided invaluable digital tools that I eagerly embraced.

As time passed, my dreams continued to expand. I now envision a physical showroom where my customers can immerse themselves in the essence of Nafvin. My ultimate goal is to transform my business into a sustainable career, where my creativity and dedication can flourish.

My story is not just about determination and innovation but also the unwavering spirit of a woman from Chittagong. It’s about breaking free from the ordinary and forging my unique path to success. In the vibrant city that raised me, my journey continues, inspiring others to chase their dreams and leave their mark in the world of entrepreneurship.

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