Md. Habibur Rahman, Rangpur

Habib Traders

I started everything from scratch. I did not have any family business, and also I was not able to continue my studies after class 5. Still, I had to do something for my family, and with that…

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AHM Badal, Rangpur

Bunon Kutir Limited

I never thought I would become an entrepreneur before my graduation. After my graduation, I worked for more than 8 years in a non-profit organization. It was mid-2015 when I had to reconsider…

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Akmal Hosain

Getting a Second Chance in Life

In 2003-04, I started my own business in my hometown. But it did not come through as I expected. As a result, I had to incur a heavy loss. There was no motivation in me to continue my business…

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Monowara Begum, Khulna

Nirapod Shobji

My life has always been full of fascinating experiences. Before I started my Nirapod Shobji initiative, I was involved with Hunger Free World Bangladesh, an NGO with a vision to promote…

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Birendronath Sheel, Khulna

Sonali Krishi Vandar

410 ViewsOur family business started with my father’s initiative in 1987. He established Sonali Krishi Vandar to bring an impactful change in agriculture. In the …

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Lipika Golder

Joytu Dairy Farm

Ever since my marriage, I did not think of doing any business of my own. Although I had the experience of growing vegetables and agricultural goods, it was on a small scale. Later on, with…

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Pradeep Moholdar, Khulna

Papri Motsho Khamar

Living in Khulna, I always saw aquaculture farms around my locality. We own some lands and ponds outside our house. My father used the ponds to cultivate carps and galda prawns. I learned a…

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MMR Kishor, Rangpur

Prajonon Agro Farm House

I was in the publication sector before I started my entrepreneurial journey. While I had a stable job from my university life, my dream was elsewhere. I wanted to devote my all to having a..

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