M.A Mahmud Jewel

Albaly Furniture

The inception of Albaly Furniture was very simple. I had just finished my Bachelor of Social Science and dove right into this business. I knew I had to do something that was entirely my own…

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Smart Hybrid Battery

lar energy. Later on, in 2013, I switched my position slightly and got into manufacturing solar batteries. A partner came on board, and we successfully launched our new business where we had…

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Tower Shoes

I have been doing this business of selling shoes and leather for around 12-13 years through my company Tower Shoes. Before this I used to work as a shoe craftsman for around 15 years. Before…

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Md. Asad Hossain, Rajshahi

Raja Foundry and Distribution

It has been 17 years since the inception of Raja Foundry and Distribution. I started way back in early 2005 and have been diligently committed to my business ever since . Before stepping…

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Hossain Mohammad Shumon, Dhaka

Sumon Shoes

I’ve witnessed poverty very early in my childhood. I was the youngest of three siblings. So, you can guess how difficult it gets to finance the education of the younger ones in a family…

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Md. Nasir Uddin, Dhaka

Oishi Sandal Factory

Before 2001 I had a restaurant selling Tea, Biscuits and other confectionery products to customers. However, I was not satisfied with the business. That is when I decided that I want to…

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Baharul Alam Bacchu, Dhaka

Diamond Footwear

People always tend to think that an entrepreneur’s or businessman’s life is filled with happiness and leisure. That’s not true at all. I knew the risks and hardship lay ahead of me on my…

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Md. Riaz, Saidpur, Rangpur

Furniture Gallery

I started my business in the manufacturing sector back in the year of 2016. I saw an opportunity in the furniture market of Saidpur and thought to myself, Why not tap this specific market…

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