Zoha Fashion House
Zoha Fashion House

In 2015, I set out on a journey that would change my life and touch the hearts of many. Zoha Fashion House was born in Dhaka, fueled by a dream, a modest investment of BDT 10,000, and an unyielding passion in my heart. With fabrics from Islampur, I stitched each piece with care, pouring my soul into every creation.

Though my early efforts didn’t bring the success I hoped for, I refused to give up. In 2017, I boldly opened a shop at Rongdhonu Market in Mirpur 11. Those next two years were a testament to my determination as my business flourished, and I brought in a dedicated team to help.

Then, the unexpected happened—the Covid-19 pandemic hit. For six long months, my sales dwindled, and I faced the toughest decision: to close my physical shop. It was a painful choice, but I knew it was necessary for the survival of Zoha Fashion House.

Amidst the struggle, a spark of hope emerged. I embraced the digital world, taking Zoha Fashion House online through Facebook. Many doubted me because I was a woman challenging norms, but I kept pushing forward with unwavering resolve.

Through it all, my husband stood by me like a rock, giving me the strength to carry on. Attending fairs, I shared my creations with a wider audience and learned valuable lessons along the way.

Today, Zoha Fashion House stands tall, a testament to my unbreakable spirit. The transition from a physical store to a thriving virtual presence was made possible by the #SheMeansBusiness program. It introduced me to the Facebook business and equipped me with digital tools that opened new doors.

My story is a simple one, but it’s filled with determination and heart. It’s a reminder that dreams are worth chasing, even in the face of adversity. As I redefine the fashion industry’s landscape, I hope my journey inspires others to believe in their dreams, persevere, and find their own path to success.

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