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Brand Eye – ব্র্যান্ড আই

In the vibrant heart of Dhaka, Tarmihim Tania embarked on a life-altering journey as an unwavering entrepreneur, leading her enterprise, Brand Eye. This is a story of steadfast dedication and resilience, one that would change her life forever.

Tania, a fervent dreamer, first delved into the world of fashion in 2013. However, she encountered a formidable challenge – the online audience was still in its infancy, and her endeavors struggled to gain traction. Life took an unexpected turn, prompting her to pause her entrepreneurial dreams and start a family.

Three years later, in 2016, Tania’s indomitable spirit resurfaced. Armed with just 1500 taka worth of materials and an unshakable determination, she embarked on her journey again. This time, her approach was deeply personal – she began by crafting adorable baby clothes for her child and shared them online. The overwhelming response rekindled her passion, igniting a fire within her that could not be extinguished.

Tania continued to create from the comfort of her home, initially with the help of a partner who managed various aspects of the business. In 2017, she made a pivotal decision – to seek training in fashion, networking, and documentation. This marked a turning point in her journey when she resolved to shape her destiny.

With newfound skills and unwavering determination, she began to take her enterprise more seriously. She built goodwill within various groups, earning recognition in the local fashion community. Her quest for knowledge led her to pursue further education in business management, a testament to her thirst for growth.

In the same year, 2017, Tania took a bold step by participating in fashion fairs, forging connections with potential customers, and showcasing her unique designs. She harnessed social media more effectively to reach a wider audience, pouring her heart and soul into every post. Then, in 2020, the unexpected onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought an unforeseen surge in online sales, a glimmer of hope amidst uncertainty.

Tania’s talent for creating captivating content played a crucial role in riding the digital wave successfully. By early 2022, she opened her showroom, solidifying her brand’s presence in the local fashion landscape, a testament to her unwavering commitment.

However, as success blossomed, new challenges emerged. Building an initial customer base had been an arduous journey, relying heavily on word-of-mouth referrals. Tania often reminisced about the simpler days when competition was less fierce. Friend-turned-foe rivalry and a shortage of skilled workers compelled her to contemplate expanding with a sewing section, but securing financing remained an uphill battle, a hurdle she was determined to overcome.

Amidst these challenges, the ever-shifting digital landscape remained a constant source of frustration and was an uphill climb she faced with unwavering resolve.

In her quest for solutions, Tania stumbled upon the #SheMeansBusiness program. This initiative introduced her to the power of Facebook Business and other digital tools, revolutionizing her entrepreneurial journey, a turning point that provided the much-needed wind beneath her wings.

Looking back, Tania realized that each challenge had not weakened her but had instead forged her resolve. Brand Eye had transformed from a small-scale venture into a thriving business, all thanks to Tania’s unwavering spirit and the invaluable support she received from the #SheMeansBusiness program, a partnership that had lifted her higher than she had ever dreamed.

With the future uncertain and competition fierce, Tarmihim Tania remained resolute, her gaze fixed on her dreams, and her hands ceaselessly crafting fashion that told stories, one stitch at a time, a journey filled with tears, triumphs, and an unshakable determination to create a legacy of her own.

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