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M A Majid, Khulna
Unique Food Products

Back in 1998, I arrived in Dhaka with a dream to have my own business. I opened up a motor shop, but there was too much corruption. The products used to come from Japan. However, the sellers changed the labels by adding the ‘Made in Thailand’ tag. I always wanted to earn my income through halal methods, so I could not allow myself to continue my business. Afterward, I joined the Korean Hyundai company. As an inventor and negotiator, I saw similar scenes in this field where bribing was a very common thing. That’s why I went back to my hometown in 2002.

My real entrepreneurial journey started in 2003 when I devoted myself to agriculture. Unique Food Products was a gateway for me to reach the masses with my vision. I created an organic agro farm in my ancestral lands. Before getting deeper into this vast field, I communicated and discussed all the aspects of agriculture, livestock, and fisheries with some of the entrepreneurs in my locality. Then, I gradually worked my way towards all those fields. My inventions and scientific methods of production were successful from the start. That led me to work with many brilliant minds of our country.

After experimenting and researching agriculture production, I made a reputable name in the market as a researcher as well as a businessman. In 2012, I got the chance to work closely with many professors from Khulna University. In addition to their collaboration, I also made contact with Rajshahi University, Bangladesh Agriculture University, Sher-e-Bangla Agriculture University to strengthen my knowledge. We share our formulas and methodologies to become more efficient in agriculture, fisheries, and livestock. Later on, I gained trust from the Livestock Research Institute in Gazipur. They share their groundbreaking research to help the marginal people of your country.

The works and name of my organic farm spread through many cities and regions. Prothom Alo published a feature on my inventions and life’s work. Despite working relentlessly for almost 20 years, I still don’t get enough investment or funding for development. The financial state of our farm always stays unstable because of continuous research. What we need is not loans from banks or enterprises. We need proper funding from a national or international organization that believes in the future of agriculture in our country.

All the training programs and seminars I attended have been beneficial in many ways in my life. LightCastle Partners is no exception. The training project from them with Gain National helped me a lot. Their objective to encourage the SMEs of the country is very commendable. Now, the only thing I want from my life is to leave healthy and poison-free food for everyone. The youth needs to involve with our agriculture and become an integrated part of it. We must emphasize the research and development field so that we can achieve greater heights in this sector. Agriculture can ensure the livelihood of millions of people in Bangladesh, and I hope that day will come real soon. 

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