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Fahmina Hussain, Dhaka
Feasthouse Private Limited

Living in the capital, I was surrounded by an environment that pushed me to try new things in life. I never wanted to enter the job market and do a 9 to 5. So, in 2005 when I started my first boutique business. It was a huge step for me. The clothes were imported from India and Pakistan from trusted sellers and were of very high quality. Later on, I wanted to expand my business by adding an on-demand food chain, mainly for corporate catering, with the possibility to expand its operation into new territories. So, with some of my friends, I started Feasthouse Private Limited.

Like every other entrepreneur, the first few years passed by learning the business as it was all very new to me. As my goal was to target the corporate offices’ food demand, I focused on the consistency and reliability of the foods. I never compromised with the quality of raw materials. I can’t stress enough how this mindset helped me to grow as an entrepreneur. 

The fresh and natural raw materials will amount to nothing if I don’t have experienced and reliable chefs who will create an exciting menu out of it. As my catering business offers almost every type of cuisine: ranging from traditional to Chinese or continental, I have 4 main chefs and some sous chefs. Other than that, several delivery persons are also employed to ensure on-time deliveries to the destination. Also, some employees look over the management side of the business to make sure there’s no miscommunication among the other departments.

The most important thing for my business was to create a reputable brand value and earn the trust of the corporations. But the fascinating part is that I did not have to work hard for that because of my continuous interaction with many entrepreneurs and corporations at different training campaigns. So, the training program I attended from LightCastle Partners also helped me to network with like-minded people. I also got to learn more about entrepreneurial skills. I feel thankful for such programs and seminars and always try to participate in those to develop a new outlook about business and build new connections with people who are playing an active role in the business world. I got to work with Apex, ACI, and many leading banks of the country because of my connections. 

Managing a business is not at all easy. On top of that entrepreneurs often have to face loan issues. I also had to deal with it. Banks didn’t allow me to take a loan because of the lack of a mortgage. That’s why I never took a loan for my business. The Covid-19 situation also affected my business heavily, with almost every office closed for months. But I didn’t let go of any employees even though I had to incur a huge amount of loss. However, that provided me the opportunity to go online and opened new doors for me. Currently, I have multiple corporate offices that are subscribed to my catering services, and my online business is also getting good responses. 

For the future of my business, I have already planned to open a restaurant called Zyka. The project is almost complete and will be open to serving everyone from next month if all goes well. I hope everything works out positively, and I can keep on delivering a new taste and a welcoming experience to every food lover.

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