Yeasin Nursery

I worked as a service provider in Qatar before taking a holiday and returning to Bangladesh. The Covid-19 pandemic, however, started soon after. Since all planes were grounded, I was left stranded with no chance of returning. In the meantime, I lost my work due to the virus’s widespread voracity.

I suddenly came to an epiphany that I would never want to work for someone else again as when I needed it the most it was out of reach. I started exploring fields where I could apply my knowledge and where there was a healthy market need. After a few months, I started a nursery business by utilizing whatever savings I had left. I never had to look behind once I entered.

Despite the fierce competition I faced, I made sure to research consumer demand trends and make an effort to sell that product in the local market. According to what I understand, offering a wider range of services and goods will help you attract more customers. My goal is to have my nursery rank among Sylhet’s top nurseries, and I want my fellow brothers and sisters to be motivated by my journey.

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