Sumaiya Poultry Farm

The flooding in Sylhet in 2022 had a detrimental impact on me. The majority of my poultry stock was heavily destroyed by the flood, endangering both my way of life and my income. Seeing my ducks float away brought tears to my eyes, as my future seemed bleak. I fell into despair but despite my full discouragement, something within me compelled me to keep trying and find a way.

I was hired as an administrative assistant and got accepted into the iDE: Uddokta project. Gradually, I was able to build up my savings and secure the funding I needed to begin my operations. In October 2022, after receiving a loan from a microfinance institution, I reopened my company.

I will continuously push myself to be better and make my business better because my business is me and I am my business. As an entrepreneur, I believe that I have the power to create my own destiny. I get to choose what my business will be, and how it will operate. I have the freedom to innovate and come up with new ideas, and the ability to make a real impact in the world. The only limit is my own imagination.