Sananda Boutique House

My journey started with a teenage marriage, a neglectful husband, and a dire need for financial independence. I fought tooth and nail against societal pressures to get to where I am today. Sananda is the result of one woman’s struggle to fend for herself in the world, and today serves as a means to help other women achieve the same. 

I had dropped out of schooling to become a wife, and later a mother. When my marriage fell apart, I started off as just a small tailor’s apprentice, and eventually got myself formal training. My business started small. At first, it was just tailoring, and eventually, I started making whole outfits. I’ve always enjoyed learning and eventually learned how to be a beautician, leading to the beauty parlor. I started a training center as well, aiming to help other vulnerable women find their independence too. 

I had started far before the age of social media in the early 90s. It was all about personal connections and meeting the right people back then. Expanding the boutique was a struggle, and my parlor’s reach was mostly local. So when the internet and social media had become widespread, I saw an opportunity to take my initiatives to a wider audience. 

The training I received from the #SheMeansBusiness program helped me immensely in this regard. I learned how to refine my business’s online communication to effectively reach my audiences and boost my engagement. My content became more compelling, and I started getting much attention from all over the country. Not only did orders for my boutique rise, but now I had people from various places wanting to come to my parlor and enroll in my training center. For this, I am extremely grateful to Meta and its partners. 

I strongly believe in the empowerment of women. Not only has it been the story of my own life, but now I strive to help as many women as I can find their own footing. Initiatives like #SheMeansBusiness bring much joy to my heart. I applaud Meta and its partners for helping women today become self-sufficient and financially independent.