Ruhama Furniture

It’s been 14 years since I started this furniture manufacturing business. Back in 2007, when I first decided to establish Ruhama Furniture, I never expected it to grow more than a side income source. However, I am thankful to the Almighty for this pleasant surprise because now I have something that I can call my own. Besides, it is beautiful to hear your loved ones proudly telling others that they have a successful businessman in the family. 

I was very interested in studies from a young age and was always encouraged by my parents to excel in the academic field. Therefore, I had never thought of straying from my literary world and entering into any entrepreneurial venture. And as I held my father, who was a banker, to be my role model, I set my career ambitions to be a job holder just like him.

After completing my master’s in Legal Studies, I swiftly took up employment at Paragon Mohila College as a lecturer in the same field. As someone who loved teaching as much as learning, this job was a perfect fit for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching enthusiastic students. The story of how my company came to be, happened much later, and upon hearing it, you may consider it rather peculiar!

I was returning home from work one day and wanted to purchase a study table for my son on the way. However, due to some strange stroke of inspiration, I decided to make the table myself from scratch. And so, rather than bringing home a lovely table, I lugged along large planks of wood and other materials. I don’t know why my family didn’t question my strange actions that day; perhaps they were too intrigued by the situation! 

After pouring several hours of labor and hard work, I not only made a decent-looking table but also discovered my budding interest in furniture making. Later onwards, as a hobby, I started making other pieces of furniture for friends and family. 

One day, my father’s colleague inquisitively inquired whether I ran a furniture business on the side. Sensing the opportunity, he cleverly affirmed and even managed to get orders for door frames.

Once I made and delivered the orders, both my father and I knew that this was a business that was worth exploring. With that idea in mind, I pooled our resources and finally opened the doors to Ruhama Furniture in 2007.

Currently, our factory in Rangpur produces a variety of wooden furniture items, ranging from sofas and dressing tables to even chairs. Since I value quality over quantity, I take orders in batches and ensure that they are produced with the finest of materials and are of top-notch value. Most of my orders originate from Dhaka as there I have a strong network of friends who love our products. Even though I know that exporting is still a long way off the journey, I still dream of establishing my manufacturing plants and showrooms in other areas of the country. I believe that with just BDT 10 lacs, I can afford the machinery, workforce, and facilities to significantly ramp up my operations.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the business was very stable and profitable. But as the economic crisis deepened throughout the nation, we suffered some losses and credit crunches. Because of my extensive experience in this industry, I somehow managed to cope with the heavy blows and preserve the enterprise through the onslaught. Now, I can proudly proclaim that my business is back on track, and other than some small loans, our company’s financial health is quite strong.

Recently, I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with LightCastle Partners when they visited our factory with offers for business and marketing development. I hope that through collaborating with them and the B-SkillFUL initiative, we will be able to improve our business operations and be one step closer to our future vision of expansion.

Before I end my little story, I would like to impart some helpful words to aspiring entrepreneurs who are willing to enter this industry. Those who want to succeed here should be prepared to receive some severe drawbacks before tasting achievement, as the sector is tough to grasp for new entrants. Nevertheless, with time and experience, you too can have the furniture enterprise that you can proudly display to friends and family.