Nasir Quail Khamar

My passion for raising animals helped launch my entrepreneurial journey when I was very young. Once I finished my SSC, I noticed that most of my friends were getting married, and I did not desire that for myself. Never wanting to be known as anyone’s daughter or wife, I always wanted to establish my own name. I informed my older brother that I wanted to do something, and he suggested that I start researching quail farming.

I wasn’t really sure what I needed to accomplish at first, but after speaking with family members, elders, and other farmers, I launched my business in 2016 and gradually increased its scope. I was introduced to iDE in 2021, which helped me improve as a business. My current goal is to expand my company and offer additional poultry items like chicken and ducks, and I want to make sure that my birds are of the highest caliber. Through my experience, I hope to be able to connect with common Sylhet females and encourage them to take the first step toward freedom.

Remember, success is not always measured in monetary terms. It’s about doing something you’re passionate about, creating something you’re proud of, and making a positive impact on the world. It’s about being true to yourself and following your dreams.