M/S Limon Furniture & Doors

I began my journey as an entrepreneur in 2002. Before that,  I took a diploma in Computer Science from the Micro Institute of Technology. However, it was difficult for me to start a business since the risk was too much for me as I am the sole breadwinner for a family of six.  Besides, I had no previous experience in the furniture industry. But I was determined to move ahead with my ambition. So, I took support from my relatives to get started with my business. They got me familiar with known timber and sawmills to get my raw materials sorted.  I started from scratch,  but now I have a small factory with 8 laborers working for me.  

My client base is concentrated within the Rangpur district. So, I have built my furniture store here. Currently, I have a wide range of designs for furniture in my store. I  also take orders for custom-made furniture, ensuring the best quality every time. I can gladly say I have some skilled workers in the house who can make any designs and structured furniture, as per clients’ demand. I have been getting repetitive and satisfied customers through word-of-mouth marketing. 

During peak Covid times,  I had to shut down my store during the times of lockdown due to mobility restrictions and partially pay my workers without any new incoming orders. It was a tough time for me and my family and I am still recovering from all the losses incurred during those times. Hopefully, with everything opening and getting back to normal as we speak, I pray and hope to have a  fully operating business to pay back my debts and recover from my losses. 

LightCastle Partners approached me while they were visiting Rangpur and we connected well. From there, I got to know they work with small businesses like mine to help them grow. They provided information about business development and resolved many issues relating to that. Till now, I have been doing well in my business and am very optimistic about moving forward. For the future of my business, I plan to invest in advanced machinery and get my workers even more skilled to ensure we provide the best quality furniture and consistently maintain efficient business practices.