Kajol Golder, Khulna
How A Cattle Farm Changed Kajol Golder’s Life

Many people in our society believe that it is not possible for a woman to do certain things, they cannot be self-sufficient or there is no life of her own after her marriage. But I never believed in these notions. Even though I come from a rural background, I never believed that women need to depend on others for everything. Rather, I always believed that we can do anything and successfully accomplish our goals. With this belief in mind, I started my entrepreneurial journey 8 years ago. And I can attest to the fact that it has been a journey filled with ups and downs and numerous learning experiences.

Initially, I was mostly involved in the vermicompost business with my sister-in-law. But later, I shifted to cattle farming. I realized that if I have a cattle farm, then I can also help my sister-in-law by supplying her the manure produced on my farm to use in her vermicompost production. Thus it will help both businesses to flourish. 

Ever since I have been running my business without any troubles. But I cannot deny the fact, there are several challenges that I had to face while running the business. But Covid-19 pandemic has had the most adverse effect on my business. My manure business has suffered the most. Due to the pandemic, the demand for manure has dropped drastically. But on the other hand, my cattle business is running in full swing. I am hoping that my business will revive very soon after this pandemic ends.

I have seen good days and bad days in my business. And I survived them all because my family always supported me. My husband supports me in my business immensely. I could not have done it without him. Now my business is doing so well that I can invest the profit generated from my business in the education of my children and the overall improvement of my family. Besides, I also reinvest a portion of my profits in the business and still have some left for my savings.

I also have to mention Oxfam and LightCastle partners for their training sessions. I got to know about LightCastle Partners through a project of Oxfam that I participated in. Through the training sessions, I got to learn a lot of things about business management which helped me in increasing my revenue and also in keeping proper records of my sales. 

I have dreams of expanding my business. But financing the expansion of my business is a bit difficult during these times. I am also scared to seek a loan because of these uncertain times. I am not sure if I will be able to repay the loan in time. That is why I am struggling with finances. If I can manage the money, I will be able to buy a new piece of land where I will build a bigger cattle farm. I will also buy more cows for my farm. If everything goes well and this pandemic ends, I will move ahead with my plan.

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