Fahad Enterprise

Some wise advice from a local carpenter was what inspired me into this business. He was a man that spent decades in the furniture industry and saw many entrepreneurs come and go in his lifetime. And so, when he strongly encouraged me that I am more than capable of handling my own furniture company, I knew it was time to take the great leap of faith.

Gathering up all my courage and resources, I managed to open the doors to Fahad Enterprise in 2018. Even though I had worked in the furniture industry for years, handling my own company is an entirely different ball game. Not only did I have to tackle completely new challenges, but I also had to confront most of them without any support. My experience in starting is not unique, as every business owner I know has gone through similar experiences. Hearing this might sound a bit gloomy to the readers, but that’s the harsh reality of entrepreneurship.

After many roadblocks and struggles, I can proudly say that my company is one of the most well-reputed furniture factories in the area. We usually get flooded with furniture orders from clients all over the Rangpur region and occasionally even get requests from Dhaka. I believe that customers love our products because we pay close attention to the quality and design of every item we manufacture. From cutting to designing and coloring, my manager and I take great strides to ensure that each dining table, showcase, and other products are of top-notch quality. 

I envision that soon, my business will be more prosperous, with factories and showrooms all over the country. However, to even open an additional factory would require considerable capital investments, which I currently can not afford. Thus, I am progressing steadily while looking for opportunities to make this dream a reality.

Unfortunately, the pandemic and the resultant economic crisis have set back all my plans by several years. While the crisis raged on, I lost several big orders, and many of my customers couldn’t pay their dues in time. Because of this cash issue, we underwent severe problems with our operations and bills payment and had to lay off several employees. During this trying time, I resorted to only taking orders on a cash basis to have enough money to pay off fixed expenses like rent. I have no exact point-by-point explanation of how we managed to survive this economic disaster. However, I know it was possible because of the Almighty’s help and blessings.

My business is on the road to recovery and in a much more stable position. But I have been working diligently to ensure that Fahad Enterprise doesn’t fall into the same pandemic-induced state again. And so when LightCastle Partners approached me with offers for business development and marketing support, I was ecstatic! It’s as if my silent prayers have been answered, bringing in just the sort of help I needed. Within the past few months, I have learned a lot about sustainable business strategies and processes from the B-SkillFUL initiative, which, when implemented, has given me great rewards through increased margins and efficiency. My employees are also delighted with their improved skills after participating in the training programs.

Overall, I would suggest that any new entrant in this industry be very prudent with their finances and business management tactics because one wrong move may wipe them out from this highly competitive sector. Nevertheless, if they are willing to withstand any mistakes and failures and progress forward, then, by all means, go ahead and live your dream!

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