ECO Furniture

The job I had, before I started my business, was at a furniture shop. My employer, who also happened to be my mentor, Md. Habil Miah inspired me to start this business of my own. After a lot of encouragement, I started ECO Furniture in 2013. I was very scared at the time as I had only studied till Grade 7 and wondered if I could even run a business. But my older brother, Abdul Gaffar, stood by my side throughout and provided his unconditional support. And so, his passing away a few years back was very difficult for me. However, I continue to follow his advice and my business has been running well ever since. 

Although my business is running well,  there are still problems I face regularly. Starting from financial issues to daily transactions, I have also faced problems in human resource management. On top of these existing obstacles, my business, just like all other businesses, was affected by the pandemic. My factory was closed off for a few months, but I had to pay the full amount of rent anyway. On top of this, the utility bills were added and I also had to pay my employees even though there was no source of any earnings. However, as the situation started to stabilize, so did my business. 

It was through SwissContact that I got to learn about LightCastle Partners. Working with LightCastle has been great so far and I am happy to say that I have learned a lot from them. They helped me immensely in the marketing aspect of my business. For instance, my business now has its own Facebook page and I also have product catalogs where I can showcase my products. They also helped me acquire a structured business strategy. I never planned these things for my business before. But through their consultation support, I can now think of expanding my business even further.

The main goal of my life is to conduct my business in such a way so I can maintain the quality of my products and in doing so, be honest to myself, my business, my employees, and my clients. And if my Creator provides me an opportunity, I want to grow the business and set up a lot of well-arranged furniture. It is also important for me to be able to generate employment for the workers. Furthermore, if God-willing, then I want to turn my business into a world-class furniture manufacturing company.