Anas Furniture

Despite losing my father at a young age, I never forgot his memories or the values he had instilled in me. Growing up, he was my role model, and I tried my best to excel at everything I did so that I could honor his name and follow in his footsteps. And so, it was not a big surprise for my family when I decided to solidify my position as an entrepreneur because they knew I wanted to be a successful businessman just like him.

While studying in class 9, I started many side businesses to learn the trade and generate some income. Over the years, some initiatives failed, while others succeeded and helped me know how to operate a business. At one point, I realized that it is best to focus on one company and ensure its growth into a reliable source of income for my employees. With that perspective in mind, I pooled my resources and established Anas Furniture in 2021.

Even though I started my business amid the raging Covid-19 pandemic, by the Grace of the Almighty, we were able to dodge any severe losses to our capital and operations. The 24 employees working in the factory are like my family. And during this trying time, we helped each other with what we could to keep our households and the company intact. Perhaps seeing our communal effort, the Lord had mercy on us and protected Anas Furniture from tanking like scores of other businesses in the industry.

We produce various home and office furniture for our customers, primarily focusing on wholesale clients. Our products are popular in many areas of Bangladesh as we provide the best quality goods at an affordable rate. I will tell you that the real secret to the company’s success is the intense feeling of community and respect we have among our workforce. Because of this bond, my workers always give their best effort, and I ensure they are never undervalued or underappreciated for anything. Managing a team is difficult, especially in a sole proprietor business where I have to make the majority of the big decisions alone. However, because of the faith, my employees have in me, I can move forward with absolute certainty.

I hope we can also do exports alongside our regular local sales in the future. But a significant influx of loans is needed to purchase the land and construct the factory building. And if you factor in the costs for coloring, fitting, and cutting machines, then the investment needs to be even higher. Due to these financial constraints, I cannot expand to other regions, let alone other countries. However, I still haven’t given up and believe that Allah (s.w.t.) will show me a way.

When LightCastle Partners visited our premises with offers for business development and marketing support, I was delighted! I am optimistic that the training workshops by B-SkillFUL and other support activities will help improve my business margins through improved operations and efficiency. Furthermore, this program will also help to improve my product quality, bringing me closer to the dream of exporting to other nations.