Abdullah Furniture

I grew up being well acquainted with poverty. My parents often struggled to make ends meet and feed their four children. Despite their efforts to earn and budget, the money problem had always loomed over our shoulders, threatening to overthrow our impoverished household at any given moment. Therefore, before anything else, I was forced to learn how to thread the tenuous line between being poor and abject poverty.

A well-rounded education was never a sustainable option when pitted against spending on food and essentials. And so, most of us siblings had to leave after class 5 and look for work to supplement the meager family income. When I went to school for the last time, it was with a heavy heart and the solemn realization that I would never be able to achieve my dream of being a doctor. But it was a price I was more than willing to pay to help to lift some of the burdens from my parents’ shoulders.

Starting young with no prior work experience, I faced many setbacks and unfair treatments to avail decent employment. Often the owners were exploitative, paying us peanuts for the amount of backbreaking labor we did. However, as time progressed, I learned my way through the job world and steadily built my skillsets to move to better companies with higher pay scales.

After working for several years in the furniture industry, I was frustrated with working under someone else, especially for an employer who never values their workforce. With time, I started harboring a new dream of being my boss. Even though I knew this was a decision rife with many risks and pitfalls, it was an opportunity I was willing to embark on regardless. And my loving family appreciated my new mission and was ready to support me wherever possible.

In 2020, right after my 27th birthday, I opened the doors to Abdullah Furniture. Initially, the company started operating in a niche market of the furniture industry of Bogura, taking in a limited number of orders for custom-made furniture items. Soon enough, our business gained traction and became highly popular in the furniture trading market for retailers and wholesalers. I believe we gained this fame because of our innovative designs and quality materials.

People thought my business would go down for good when the Covid-19 pandemic hit during the latter part of 2020. However, years of poverty instilled a strong sense of resilience and quick thinking. With hard work, clever planning, and much support from my loved ones, I have safely managed to coast through this economic crisis. 

Even though my business is still recovering from last year’s onslaught, I believe that with time the company will flourish again. I have plans to expand my business and eventually start exporting, but due to financial constraints, it’s nearly impossible to bring this concept to fruition. Suppose I could obtain around BDT 7- 8 lacs in loans. In that case, I can combine them with my capital funds and purchase the needed machinery and other facilities to ramp up production and ensure better quality.

When LightCastle Partners visited my factory with business development and marketing support offers, I was ecstatic! The AlMighty has answered my fervent prayers and sent me a means through which I can elevate my firm to new heights. Over the following months, I attended several training sessions and participated in B-SkillFUL training programs. The knowledge I have gained from them has brought considerable improvements and profits to my company. All these new developments have made me more confident in achieving my goals.