A & Z Door System

My parents passed away while I was still studying in class 8. Their sudden death was such a jarring and dreadful experience, as in one swift moment my destiny turned upside down and I was left completely alone in this harsh world. From that moment on, I got pulled away from my innocent childhood days and thrust into the cold world of adults where every moment is a fight for survival. 

Fortunately, my parents raised me to be a tough kid, who never backed down in the face of adversity. And so when times got rough, I gritted my teeth and met every challenge head-on. I had spent many sleepless nights, working long hours in several odd jobs just to get by and earn a livelihood. However, through it all, I never gave up and always tried my best to succeed regardless of my limitations. Because of this tenacity, I was able to work in several prominent companies like Ali Baba Door and Akter Furniture. During the height of my tenure as a salaried worker, I managed and trained over 100 factory employees in the furniture industry.

Eventually, I knew that it was time to part ways with my employment status and embrace my vision of being an entrepreneur. I must admit that initially, I felt a great deal of trepidation toward opening up my own business as the risk seemed almost too great especially since I have a wife and children to support.

Moving into Rangpur, I opened my showroom for doors and furniture items. Despite having a rocky start, my little company soon gained traction among locals and I started receiving an outpour of orders almost every day. Moreover, due to my expertise in marketing and sourcing raw materials, I was able to charge the most competitive prices for the products.

During one of my usual visits to this factory, I got to know and became friends with Afzal Hossain. By then he had already completed the blueprint of the business and was looking for someone experienced to work alongside him. After a lot of consideration, I finally decided to jointly own the A and Z Door System in 2021.

While my business partner utilized his skills in overseeing the production, I took up the responsibility to do the marketing and sourcing activities. Through this simple division of labor, we can better manage our company and ensure its success amongst the cut-throat competition from our immediate rivals. Although our factory is closed during the weekends, I have to work almost 24/7 every day, maintaining networks and promoting our furniture items to potential clients.

Recently we have collaborated with LightCastle Partners to improve our marketing and business development skills. After attending several meeting sessions with them and participating in the B-SkillFUL training programs, I have seen substantive improvements in business operations and profits. Our workers are now able to work more efficiently and in turn, we can provide them with higher remunerations as part of their satisfactory performance. I have personally enjoyed their digital literacy training as it has taught me to how to promote the business online and expand our customer base. Overall, I am positive that with their aid, A and Z Door System can succeed very far in the near future.