A & Z Door System

I have always been a high achiever who never bowed down against any difficulties. This thirst for success over risks drove almost all my life’s decisions. And so, the inception of the A & Z Door System was no exception. Instead, it was one of the most significant challenges I had embarked upon despite the discouragement I received and the uncertainties I had to encounter.

Although I was a conscientious student and had big dreams to excel in the academic field, I couldn’t complete my education due to financial constraints. After passing class 10, I had to leave school life behind and join the workforce with my elder brother. I must confess that initially, the sudden change coupled with the new challenges was very overwhelming, but regardless I continued onwards. With my brother’s help and passion for learning new things, I swiftly grasped all my job-related responsibilities. And eventually, as I became more confident with my skills, I moved to different industries to diversify my work experience.

Over the years, I also enjoyed higher promotions and enriched my knowledge and practical skills. Through sheer will and effort, I moved from the ranks of a quality control officer to being the Director of some of the most prominent factories ( such as Akbar furniture and Ali Baba Door) in several Industries.

Before starting my own business, I worked as a director in A & Z Door, where I managed over 120 employees. Despite having a prestigious job and raking, I still wanted to do something more independent with my career. Because of my thirst for success against all odds, I knew that I couldn’t stay complacent with my current position. Thus, even with the discouragement from my family, I resigned in 2020 and opened my furniture showroom.

I operated on my own for the first six months until my friend, Md. Ziaur Rahman offered to partner with me by providing additional capital resources. Combining our experiences and funding, we established the furniture enterprise A and Z Door System in 2021.

At our factory in Rangpur, we produce doors and other furniture items with high-tech machinery and chemical treatment facilities. We then ship products to our showroom, displaying them for both wholesale and retail clients. Currently, our customer base is primarily local; however, we are testing other regions through dealerships with other entrepreneurs. In 7 months, we plan to expand our business by implementing this dealership plan comprehensively.

As we started our business amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we did encounter some issues in generating orders and maintaining proper cashflows at the beginning. However, we were able to evade any severe losses by utilizing my experience and extensive networks to source materials cheaply and make adequate cash sales. Now that our company is out of trouble, I am looking for ways to expand and grow my business. If I can secure BDT 30 to 40 lacs in funding, I can not only purchase more machinery and facilities for local expansion but can also export my products to nearby nations. With the new investment, I can also increase my workforce by employing more managers and accountants.

For any new entrants to this industry, we would advise them to consider their decision carefully before committing anything. Because to succeed in this field, you either need to have years of experience or have the inner strength to learn from your failures and rise again. Otherwise, it is a profitable business, and we are confident that the industry will grow tremendously in the future.

Recently, I got to know about LightCastle Partners when they visited our factory with offers for business development and marketing support. Therefore, I am hopeful that by collaborating with them and the B-SkillFUL training program, we can be one step closer to the grand vision we have for the A and Z Door System.