Red Star Engineering Works

My father established Red Star Engineering Works in 1942 with high hopes that this company would serve as a testament to his success and hard work for generations to come. To preserve his legacy, I took control of this business right after completing my intermediate studies in 2000. In retrospect, I could have pursued other more lucrative careers shall I have chosen to continue my education, but in the face of keeping my father’s dream alive, nothing else matters.

I wouldn’t play down the struggles of being an entrepreneur with superficial platitudes for future aspirants. In reality, the choice to be an independent business owner is challenging and littered with frustrations and sleepless nights. I struggled countless times and had to sacrifice a lot of personal time to keep my company in the best condition possible. Due to work pressures, I missed several family milestone events like the children’s birthdays, marriage anniversaries, and so on, but they have always been kind and supportive towards me. 

Our workshop primarily focuses on producing machinery parts, bicycles, and other machinery. Our customers are mainly agribusinesses in the Nilphamari region because they love our high-quality products. By hinging on this popularity, I hope to extend my business to other areas in the next five years, but doing so is costly. However, I plan to expand my range of value propositions and include repairing services soon.

The covid-19 pandemic dealt a heavy blow to all my dreams of Red Star Engineering, draining a large chunk of the firm’s liquidity. Despite the factory being closed for almost a year, I still had to pay my fixed expenses, such as rent, utilities, and workers’ salaries. People might question my decision to pay my employees even though they were idle for months. But I simply couldn’t toss out their long-term loyalty and dedication and leave them to starve with their family. 

The last two years have been a rollercoaster for my business and personal life. Although it was a close call, Red Star Engineering is now on the way to a full recovery and is here to stay for the foreseeable future. I am looking for new ways to improve the company, and I appreciate all the help I am receiving from LightCastle Partners and the B-SkillFUL training programs. With their business development and marketing support, I believe that I can secure the needed funding to elevate Red Star Engineering to the next level.

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