MRS Furniture

When my parents couldn’t afford my education any longer, I had no choice but to get into earning my own livelihood. The sudden change in life was undoubtedly painful, but that is how life usually is for those not blessed with wealth. For years I drifted from one job to another, trying yet failing to set a concrete destination for my life. Eventually, I got fed up with the constant job shifts and decided to take the easy way out; opening a grocery store.

Managing a grocery store was not an entirely unsatisfactory experience. However, I didn’t prefer the sedentary nature of the position and wanted to pursue something more challenging. After extensive research on the different industries in Syedpur, and consulting with several business owners, I decided to start my own furniture manufacturing business. And I established MRS Furniture in 2012. 

Managing a furniture factory was a vastly different experience than running a grocery store. While the previous business allowed more leisure time, I have to always put in my best effort here. Since I got into this industry without any first-hand furniture-making experience, my initial years were tough and I made several mistakes. It wasn’t all in vain, though, as by falling many times, I eventually learned how to properly handle my business. And whenever I needed any moral support, my elder brother was always beside me.

MRS Furniture has been running successfully for the past decade, where we have supplied furniture items to homes and offices across the region. Despite the achievements, there is always the fear of being priced out of the market as competition in this industry is very intense. If a business cannot form the correct type of network and retain the best employees, then its long-term survival chances in this industry are very slim. This is why I needed to ensure proper order delivery and pay suppliers and employees on time, even amid the covid-19 pandemic. The move placed financial strains on my firm and my personal account, but I managed to coast through the economic onslaught and ensure the company’s survival.

My vision for MRS Furniture is to develop it into a household brand in Bangladesh. Recently from my affiliation with LightCastle Partners, I have received extensive help regarding business development and promotion of my products. Moreover, after participating in the B-SkillFUL training programs, I have seen noticeable profit margins and efficiency improvements. With their help, I believe that I can achieve my goals and secure enough funding to expand my business to be one of the top players in the industry.

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