Ma Babar Doya Furniture

I started my career in the furniture industry in 1983 as a carpenter. When times were good, I made decent earnings for my family to survive and thrive. However, when times were terrible, it was a struggle to earn our daily bread, let alone cover our other expenses. I didn’t want my two children to suffer the same fate. And so, with this drive to secure their future, I established Ma Babar Doya Furniture three years ago.

I started this company by pooling my savings and income from my side hustle of selling wooden rails. It was risky to establish my business as an entirely self-funded enterprise. However, I am confident in my sons’ ability to pull through and drive the venture towards great success. My elder son is already handling our branch in the city, dealing with home furniture sales. We make daily sales of around 4-5 sets of furniture items like dining tables, dressing tables, and wardrobes, which is quite astonishing considering the company’s nascent stage. As for my younger son, I am already mentoring him to take over this branch once he completes his intermediate exams. 

When the covid-19 pandemic hit the nation, many well-known furniture manufacturers in our region capitulated against the economic assault. I was afraid that Ma Babar Doya Furniture would also fall victim to this crisis. However, due to the Almighty’s grace, we survived the onslaught without any significant damage. Even though the sector average sales are not as high as in the pre-pandemic era, I believe the conditions will soon restore as the economy is on the road to recovery. 

It was a blessing that I got acquainted with LightCastle Partners and the B-SkillFUL training programs. Because of their business development and marketing support, we have learned a great deal about the strategies to improve our operational efficiency, record keeping, and profit margins. My sons are most excited about the opportunity to explore the online digital business realm as they believe it is an excellent way to break into this industry and become a household brand. Seeing their ambitions and the hope in their eyes for Ma Babar Doya Furniture makes me feel accomplished as a father. Now, I can be at peace that my children will not be left without any safety net in the future. And I have a lot to thank LightCastle Partners and B-SkillFUL for this positive feeling.

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