M/S MOIN Engineering Works

M/S MOIN Engineering Works is a family-run business that my grandfather established in the late 60s, even before our country became independent. This business is an establishment of his extensive labour and pure hard work, and its results are portrayed years later now that I have taken over. 

I completed my Bachelor of Business Administration at IUB, majoring in Finance and did my internship at UCB. UCB had offered me a job but my father, who acquired ownership of MOIN after my grandfather, was fixated on having me work for him and master the know hows of running our business. Although I wished to pursue my MBA, I always had a soft spot for this sector. Growing up, I was always around iron products as I would spend most of my days in the shop with my father and grandfather. So gradually, I became attached to it. 

Presently, I manage the whole business. The most visible and substantial change that our business went through is digitization. Previously, all our documents and other work were done on pen and paper. Now, all information, including those that date back to my father’s time, is digitized. Starting from transaction costs of the products, to employee history, I monitor and keep track of every detail in my personal laptop. I thank my parents for ensuring I complete my undergraduate at a reputed university in the capital of Bangladesh. I believe that with this education, not only did I acquire comprehensive academic knowledge but also the soft skills required to succeed in running a business. 

Over the years, I tried my best to implement my learnings into my business. We now have a website, a well established Facebook page, as well as a YouTube channel where we get most of our orders from. However, 2 years back, during peak Covid time, we incurred colossal loss. Our shop was closed for what seemed like an indefnfite amount of time. Paying rent, utilities, and providing salaries to our employees for 2 whole years even though there weren’t any sales was undoubtedly the most difficult part. But I am happy to state that the business is doing great. 

Now that I am at the peak of my career, I want to put in as much time I possibly can into my business. My dream in life is to become a business tycoon in this industry and take M/S MOIN Engineering Works to the next level. I would like to express my gratitude toward LightCastle Partners and B-SkillFUL, as I have learnt a great deal by being involved with them. They have done exactly what they have promised me, and I cannot thank them enough for their constant support in helping my business grow. 

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