Hawa Shoes

Before entering the footwear industry, I worked as a manager in an RMG factory. The pay was more than enough to sustain my family, so I was pretty content with where I was in life. But the Almighty brings change to our lives when we least expect it. And one day, an old friend somehow roped me into starting a shoe retail shop as a side business. At that time, I thought this would be only a short-term venture; however, that was the starting point of my journey toward being a footwear manufacturer.

As our small retail business started gaining traction, others expressed their interest in joining as partners and taking the company forward. The sudden barrage of sales and success was overwhelming and completely shifted my perspective. It is true that once you get a taste of entrepreneurship, you can never leave it behind. 

It was daunting to step towards being a business owner when you came from a long line of jobholders. Regardless, I took the leap of faith and left my job to open Hawa Shoes in 2005.

Currently, my factory supplies a range of trendy shoes and Sandals to over 40 districts in Bangladesh, including Rangpur, Mymensingh, and Chittagong divisions. Although the Covid-19 pandemic led to a temporary setback in operations, we bounced back quickly due to our stronghold in the market. And so, I am confident that with the proper amount of external funding, I can expand  Hawa Shoes to become one of the leading players in the footwear industry.  

I have always tried integrating innovative designs and technologies into my business based on affordability. My long-term goal is to conduct sales online to capture a large share of the target market with lower costs. But I know that to achieve this objective, I need help from those with the right expertise and talents. And that is why I eagerly accepted LightCastle Partners’  offer to provide business development and marketing support. Over the following months, I participated in several meetings and the B-SkillFUL training programs. And I am pleased to say that the knowledge I have gained from them has tremendously improved my efficiency and profit margins. I am optimistic that by the end of this journey, I will be able to achieve my aim of entering the online business realm.

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