Esha Engineering Workshop

We grew up seeing the sacrifices our parents made for us, so we had no regrets about leaving school for work. My father was a humble carpenter who often struggled to feed his growing family with an unstable income. To support the family income, my brothers and I joined the workforce after studying till class 5. Life was a struggle for us as we had to make do without many amenities, but our parents ensured that we never lacked in love. 

Our first jobs were in the Light Engineering sector, working as line employees in workshops. It was challenging to adapt to the environment at first, especially working long hours and without proper safety equipment. Eventually, I got used to my surroundings and moved on to better opportunities as I became more proficient in my field. As my career progressed, so did my salary, and the thought of starting an independent business never really crossed my mind. 

After my eldest brother was suddenly laid off from work,  I considered entrepreneurship a viable option. I couldn’t bear to see my brother going through the frustrations of job hunting any longer. And so, by heeding the advice from all our well-wishers, we established Esha Engineering Workshop together in 2001. Since our business was new and the promise of cash flow was quite uncertain, we took up part-time construction jobs to supplement our livelihood. We didn’t have to juggle two priorities for much longer, as our workshop quickly gained popularity. As people in the industry knew our work ethics and dedication well, they trusted our machinery above those of other firms. However, this rapid rise to fame didn’t come without complications. Some jealous rivals tried several times to intimidate us into closing down our shop, yet we still persisted through. This company is our lifeline, and I want it to be a legacy we can pass on to our children.

When Covid-19 hit Bangladesh, every industry was adversely affected by the resultant economic crisis. Seeing many of our close friends wrap up their decade-long business in just a few months was heartbreaking. We also had to deal with liquidity and operational issues, but by the Grace of the Almighty, we have managed to coast through relatively unscathed.

Now that our firm and the overall economy are on the road to recovery, we want to extend our visions to new heights. After affiliating with LightCastle Partners and attending several B-SkillFUL training programs, we have realized that we need to develop our business and marketing strategies to elevate our business. And by implementing their methods and advice, I have seen tremendous improvements at Esha Engineering Workshop. So I am very hopeful that this affiliation will bring me positive results in the future.

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