Classic Home Furniture

Classic Home Furniture commenced its journey in 2008, and it was the first time me stepping into the world of entrepreneurship. Before this, I used to set up public call centers for other companies in Bogura. As for my education is concerned, my family could only support my education till HSC. Even though I wanted to study further, I could not proceed with it because of my financial situation.

Currently, I have 7-8 employees working for me in my store and I deliver my products all over Bogura. Due to Covid, we had to face a huge loss in our business and we are still recovering from it. However, in the pre-covid days, we had many incoming orders from local customers, and workers were readily available to work. But the pandemic hit us hard and a lot of my workers got sick and could not work. As such my production suffered heavily. Besides,I took a few loans from different places to keep the business operating. All our in-house workers are hired contractually which acts as a security for not worrying about them leaving. Hence, even though businesses are not always promised to do good but I still had my workers beside me. And they get paid as per the number of orders they get to work on a commission basis. 

It’s been a couple of years since I started to collaborate with LightCastle Partners. They reached out to me through their regional network and met me during their field visits. For the next plans, they wanted to help me out with marketing support and business development. I would like to invest in some machinery to make my operations more efficient. And I hope by taking such initiatives through LightCastles Partners I can also recover from my Covid losses and earn some extra sales ensuring more cash flow which I can reinvest in the business. 

For anyone new trying to get into the furniture industry, I would say that since the market is very saturated, one should focus on two key areas in order to succeed in this industry. Firstly, it is important to be able to  secure a position in the market and be consistent with your effort. Then comes gaining experience with a lot of hard work. If anyone can grow in these two aspects, one shall succeed in any business they put their mind into. For my journey, I hired a manager who worked previously in a similar business and his suggestions helped me a long way. He mentored me for 6 months and taught me all the business strategies to direct a business from scratch. And these strategies helped me successfully run my business for so long and dream to make my business go higher and make a mark in the industry.

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