Afzan Shoes

From a young age, I got into the job world, where every moment felt harsh, brushing away all the fun and innocence of youth. Due to financial problems, I never got the opportunity to continue my education beyond the preliminary levels. But I knew that it was pointless to fight against your destiny. And so I moved ahead on my path with the firm hope that the Almighty had planned something better for me.

Through time and effort, I built up my skill sets in the footwear industry, leading me to move up several ranks in the factories. While others were just content with their job positions, my goals were elsewhere entirely. Day and night, I dreamt about owning my little shoe manufacturing company. Keeping that in mind, I gradually saved up enough to open my own business.

In hindsight, I should have made more prudent decisions. However, mistakes are bound to occur when you start on something new. The errors eventually compounded to being too much for my small factory to handle, and pretty soon, it crumpled and sent me tumbling towards debt. Even though my family saved me from going bankrupt, the factory couldn’t go on with its weak finances. 

Losing my first business after operating it for only five years was soul-crushing. I felt the stirrings of hopelessness and despair akin to the emotions coursing me when leaving my childhood life for good. The harrowing experience drained me of my confidence, and my drive towards entrepreneurship dwindled rapidly.

Despite going through such a tragic event, life continued in its rhythm. While everything kept moving, I remained stuck in that same point of despair for a long time. If it weren’t for my father’s support and encouragement, I would have never gained the strength to venture into the business world again.

When starting the Afzan Shoes factory, I vowed not to repeat the same mistakes. Failure has taught me to plan and be vigilant about everything, especially during unforeseen events. That is why when the malignant effects of Covid-19 hit the footwear sector of Bhairab, I wasn’t as perturbed as my peers. I went door to door to all my big clients and negotiated with my suppliers so my business could have a steady stream of orders and inexpensive raw materials. Even when I had a shortage of workers, I worked well into the early morning hours to get things done.

The economy is now recovering and so too is my company. I am looking forward to a brighter future for Afzan Shoes, where the company will not only expand but will only export footwear products. With this aim in mind, I have accepted the offers of business development and marketing support from LightCastle Partners. I am also eagerly anticipating taking part in the B-SkillFUL training program. 

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